I’m a visual communicator. While I have a fine art film photography background, honing my craft in the darkroom, today my creative practice includes digital photography, writing, editing, design, and sewing.

At heart, I care about using all these tools to communicate and connect with other people. I embrace flexibility, aiming to responsively, accurately, and artistically solve a variety of aesthetic and communications problems. Whether it is wading into the messy waters of somatics, place, and temporality in my fine art, planning and building websites, writing, researching, and editing copy, or photographically documenting special life events; the common thread is a desire to get a the root of the matter at hand and convey it clearly, creating an end result that is accessible, functional, exciting, and engaging for the user, viewer, reader, or audience.

And if my process and projects promote truth telling, beauty, or a social net positive impact, all the better. I see art with a lowercase a: open to anyone and a tool for personal and communal empowerment and healing.


I'm open to collaborations, commissions, and questions. If you have a project in mind, are interested in prints, or just want to say hello, please in touch:

clairemagulaphotography (@) gmail.com or @clairemagula on Instagram.


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