I've thought about starting a sewing blog for 2 years and today I decided I can and it's time.

I postponed for so long for ostensibly logistical reasons- where to host? on this site or a new site? what should I name the project? how do I build a following? how am I *supposed* to do this? Fair concerns, but two year to decide concerns? No so much. The underlying reason was fear. Fear of being visible. I'll leave the self-analysis at that, but in the last couple years, taking incremental steps of being more active and seen in the sewing community has consistently yielded net positive after net positive. Unrealistic fears are a bad reason to not do something so here we are.

I love sewing. I feel a sense of pride in my sewing practice and I love talking about it and sharing it with other people. I don't have IRL sewing buddies (yet) and my IRL non-sewing buddies can only take so much of the finer points of like, detailed preparations to get into bra making.

I don't have a specific plan for this project, but I do have about two years' backlog worth of ideas to serve as a roadmap.

Some initial intentions:

  1. log sewing projects and skills development
  2. collect and archive articles and reviews I have written on other sewing sites in one place
  3. a space for thinking about sewing with critical analysis and artistic frameworks
  4. push the boundaries of sewing blogging and expand sewing writing
  5. create more connections in the sewing community

I was just reading Taylor's 2017 reflections on Blueprints for Sewing. I was struck by her description of moving outward in many directions instead of forward in one direction and waiting for disparate paths to come together. That resonated because I often find myself with many pots on the stove but no idea what meal I am making. This is one several concurrent projects that feels like an outwards instead of forwards. And that's okay. Why does there need to be a clear forward? Why does there need to be a plan? My plan is moving outward, with uncertainty and ambiguity, and seeing where it goes. Anyway, creative risk is the energizing part of artistic projects.